Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Capricorn February 2017 Horoscope
by famous astrologer: Susan Miller

 As a Capricorn, you are patient, wise, trustworthy, and ambitious. You expect to see steady progress in your career from the hard work you put in, and happily, your outlook is excellent for you to see progress this month. It won’t be quick progress, though, so you will have to be patient as conditions unfold. It will be an unusual month with a number of mixed signals from planets, so it will be vital to go slowly and to make deliberate choices. Don’t be tempted to rush forward, but to study the small details and make deliberate and carefully crafted strategies for the months ahead. This month the planets are being clear: think before you act.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and in certain circumstances, profit, is still retrograde, a holdover from last month, March 5. Venus is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of fame, so if you are hoping for a breakthrough in your career, you might get it or it might be a little off, too much so to consider.

I mentioned that Venus rules your tenth house of fame and honors – this true for Capricorn and those with Capricorn rising. When Venus is strong and healthy, she moves at approximately one degree a day (or a tiny bit over one degree). When Venus is getting ready to go retrograde or go direct, either way, near the beginning or end of the retrograde, what I call the bookend dates, like any planet – including Mercury – the planet is at its worst. Venus will go direct on April 15, and from April 10 to 19, for example, Venus will stay stuck on 27 degrees Pisces, not moving at all, but hanging like a lantern in the sky. Imagine a cruise liner having to make a U-turn. The planet has to summon all its strength within to make the turn to the other direction. So, from April 10 to 19, Venus will have not moved one degree in those nine days.

By the time Venus gets to April 28, she will be taking approximately four days to move one degree. By the start of May, she will take two days to go one degree. It’s not until May 18 that she is healthy again, going quick, approximately one degree a day. While you wait for Venus to normalize its orbit, Venus in retrograde is asking you to think back about your feelings, assumptions, and dreams for your career, your love life, and for your children if you have them.

Why do I mention career, love, and children? I say that because you have Libra on the cusp of your solar tenth house of fame and honors, and Taurus on the cusp of your solar fifth house of love, pregnancy, and children. Both Libra and Taurus are signs ruled by Venus, so astrologers look to these two signs to find out what’s coming up for you.

Additionally, Venus rules some of the best parts of life too – anything that is luxurious, that embellishes, decorates, or beautifies comes under Venus: Perfume, flowers, precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds (for starters) are ruled by Venus, as well as spa treatments, imported chocolates, wines and champagne, and lavish parties for an engagement. There are other areas Venus rules that I could list, but you get the idea.

This month would not be the right time to get engaged or to have a charity benefit, for example. Because Venus is associated with profits, the charity proceeds might be disappointing. If you are giving a lavish party, you may feel you didn’t get the value you had hoped for the money you spent. Venus rules good looks, so this is not the month for experimental dermatological treatments, and don’t change your hair or color dramatically or do anything to your face, such as have plastic surgery. You might want to put off shopping together for an engagement ring, or spending on a case of imported champagne.

Here is where I drop the other shoe. Mercury will also retrograde, April 9 to May 3, making this a period one where you should not sign a contract. If you must sign, know that later the contract will need to be renegotiated, for the conditions around you are now in flux. Later you may say to yourself, had I only known what was coming, I would have never signed, or else I’d have pressed for changes in a number of the clauses.

If you are being strongly pressured to sign now, in April, then know that the situation as it was described may change significantly later, and not in a way you would like, or the situation may not turn out to be as you imagine it to be, so you may decide not to stay very long. If you have been unemployed, then you must take the job, because it is always easier to get a new job when you are already employed.

Mercury rules perception, judgement, writing (words and code), speaking, editing, research, translation, telecommunication, and mail (postal, email, text), and so during Mercury’s out of phase period, all the areas of life that Mercury rules are muted.

Mercury rules all electronics and the moving parts of a machine. This is why you must not buy anything expensive that relates to these areas, such as a car, iPad, smart phone, designer headphones, or any other electronic treasure. It is already too close to the onset of Mercury retrograde to try to outrun it. Keep in mind what you and I talked about earlier – all retrograde planets are at their worst at the very start and end dates of the retrograde, and those difficult days overlap and extend a bit farther than the stated end date.

Venus will turn direct on April 15 but gradually get back to normal strength on May 18.

Mercury will turn direct on May 3 but gradually get back to normal strength on May 20.

You won’t have to wait that long to take action if what you need to do is not earth shattering in importance to you. However, if the action will have a long-term influence on your life, then be careful. The more vital and more expensive your action, the more you need to wait until the second half of May to act.

Now let’s look closely at the start of April and what you may be thinking about. The start of April will be strongly colored by the new moon, which focused you on your home and family. That new moon was in Aries 8 degrees and appeared on March 27. You have had so much emphasis on your home in recent years, so you may either be happy to hear more is coming, or else covering your ears and shouting, “No more! I cannot think about my home anymore!” There were four heavenly bodies in your home sector on that date – the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Uranus. That’s a lot of energy.

Because Uranus was conjunct Mercury, something home-related seems to be up, and it will be one that you might have to attend to suddenly during early April, if you didn’t already do so in late March. With Uranus, you never know if the news will be celebratory or upsetting, as Uranus is the planet of all things unexpected. Uranus strikes without warning, so keep your schedule light.

Now comes a full moon in Libra, 22 degrees, to light your house of career, April 10. The full moon will be conjunct of the most powerful planet in our solar system, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This should bring enormously happy, gratifying news to your career, for a full moon always crystalizes a peak point in your timeline regarding the matters of the house where the full moon falls. If you worked as a twosome team with a collaborator at work, you both will be honored, because the moon, so radiant with Jupiter close, rules your house of partnerships. You may alternatively benefit from an expert you hired like a publicist, agent, manager, or other person who helps you in a one-on-one way.

Here is the main problem with this otherwise peach of a full moon. Uranus will directly oppose the tender full moon and Jupiter, within two tiny degrees. This suggests that you may have a situation at home that you will have to attend to instantly, at a time all the news is coming up about your career. Uranus is known for its sudden, nerve-jangling effect, and because it’s a full moon, you may feel emotional, and you won’t have the option of putting off what you need to do for a later time. The Sun is involved, so it’s likely that you will have to spend a large sum of money to take care of the emerging situation. If your physical home is fine, you might want to assist a parent. Or, it might be that when a great career offer comes up, you will also have to consider your responsibilities at home and how your new career role might impact those who depend on you at home.

If your birthday falls on January 12, plus or minus five days, you will notice this full moon more strongly than other Capricorns.

I should mention that the career news might not be adverse but thrilling. What you hear might be positive, for with Uranus you never know which way things will go. The same is true for home-related news. You may win a bid on a new condo, or find out the contractor will work with your budget later all. You may get the right offer in your career and take it because you will have enough backup support at home. The spectrum is wide, and there is no doubt that your feelings will go to one extreme or the other, with no middle ground. You won’t have to wait long – this full moon is coming April 10, and will be felt within four days of that date.

Here is my take on this: If Jupiter were not conjunct the moon, I would say that things could go very wrong in your career this month, but Jupiter IS conjunct the moon, protecting you in your most prestigious part of your chart. We cannot discount that wonderful fact. The moon often reflects public opinion, so it should be strongly in your favor. You might get excellent publicity in a magazine, newspaper, TV, or Internet story.

The strong emphasis on home, family, and career won’t stop you from having fun this month. Mars has been touring your true love sector since March 9. This is an affectionate place for Mars to be visiting, dear Capricorn, because Mars will fill your solar fifth house of true love. This is a flirtatious, sexy vibration that will still be in place for most of this month, until April 21.

On April 5, Mars in Taurus will receive a beam from Pluto in Capricorn, a truly sexy day! Your charm will be irresistible. If you have a first date, even if it is simple, to take place in a coffee shop, you should make a great impression on this day. I know this month is not favorable for first dates due to Venus retrograde, but this aspect is so big I feel it’s worth the risk.

Mars will create an aura around you, allowing you to turn heads. If you are attached, you will get the attention of your partner, always good news.

When Mars moves on April 21, the new moon in Taurus of April 26 at 6 degrees will arrive to boost your attractive powers even more. New moons open a road of opportunity, and this is a sweet one, filled with possibilities. The new moon will receive glittering beams from Neptune, and this planet of unconditional love, Neptune, will usher in a dream-like period, and because Neptune rules imagination, you might be so happy you feel swept away. Try hard to keep your feet on the ground. I think you will stay grounded because your ruler, Saturn, will be in a perfect, supportive position. If you are in love already, this new moon may make your bond for each other closer and stronger.

If you hope to have a baby, in the days following the new moon, you can try in early May, after May 3. If that doesn’t fit your cycle or your partner’s cycle, you actually will have weeks of good fortune, far better than you have had so far – six months! I particularly like this new moon, however, so if you plan to do in vitro, see if you can schedule the procedure for May.

Are you single? I don’t suggest you meet someone new during a Venus retrograde period. However, I mentioned the exception of April 5 and will talk now about another special date, April 16. On April 16, Mars in Taurus will connect with Venus in Pisces, a highly romantic, sparkling aspect. April 16 falls on a weekend, so you might want to take a little trip away. If so, go to a place near water that has a thick, wooded forest nearby. Perfect!

If your birthday falls on December 28, plus or minus five days, you will benefit from this new moon the most. The same is true if you have Capricorn rising or the natal moon in Capricorn at 7 degrees plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet in Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer at 7 degrees, in that case, with a plus or minus tolerance of five degrees.

April is also a month that will underscore the value in looking at the recent past to see if you would like to make changes. If you are single and want to reconnect with someone who you loved but lost, make that call. Venus will be in Pisces almost all month, a superb place for you to have Venus.

If you meet someone new, that you have never dated before, during a retrograde Venus, you may later feel that the relationship never developed in the supportive way you had hoped. However, you can continue a relationship from the past, so if you want to re-contact that person, do!

Mars will move into Gemini from April 21 to June 4, and at that time, business will become brisk. If you hoped to get a job, you will have many possibilities during that period, and if you are self-employed, you will be able to attract many clients or customers. You will enter a busy time, and it will be flattering to be so needed. If you want a side job, you can get that too. This is all good news.

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When it comes to home, there’s never a dull moment, is there? Most Capricorns have moved house more than once in the past few years. Now, more news seems to be in the wind, due to the recent new moon that occurred at the end of last month, March 27. That new moon was stirring the pot and causing a host of distractions that had to be solved regarding your residence or your care for a close family member, most likely a parent. (Alternatively, on your mind may be a person you think of as a parent.) You will still be dealing with these matters as you enter April.

At the same time, your career is coming along beautifully, with more exciting news arriving with each passing day. Something professionally oriented will come to culmination at the full moon, April 10, but at the same time, again, events involving your home or family will require concentration, and you may not know which area to give the lion’s share of your attention. At this same time, this full moon is about to put greater emphasis on your career, so you’ll have to make a decision about you feel is more important at the time.

There will be two complications. The first one is, Venus is the natural ruler of your prestigious honors, awards, and achievement tenth house, and Venus being retrograde, something might not be quite right about a job offer or with the chance for a promotion. Or, it may be obligations and responsibilities for a beloved family member may make you think twice about making any important career moves. See how you feel – as a Capricorn, you are known to stay cool under these types of circumstances. You’ll make the right choice. If you have to give up a professional offer now, with Jupiter protecting your career in an outstanding way until October 2017, chances are, another offer will come up, and it will be at a time you’ll feel free to take it.

The second complication is that Uranus will taunt the full moon and Jupiter from a 180-degree angle, suggesting possible conflicting interests or unexpected elements that might make an offer that looks attractive difficult to accept when you look closer, possibly due to home-related obligations.

Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3. This is not the month to make final decisions anyway, so negotiate for more time before you have to give your final answer. Conditions are changing too fast behind the scenes to get a good read on what will be coming up in subsequent weeks, so for now, observe carefully, but make no final decisions or announcements. The fact that a career development may be coming up now, when your home appears to be evolving into a new situation, may represent bad timing. Take a deep breath – if they want you, they will wait for your answer in May. In the meantime, keep asking questions. If they won’t wait, remember – more is coming later in the year. Or, take the job and leave later when the right offers come in – they will.

Also, do not purchase electronics or machinery with moving parts (including an automobile), for Mercury rules these products. You may find that later, your choice, or the product itself, will be faulty, indicating you won’t enjoy your purchase if you buy it now.

The best part of April will be the strong emphasis on love and romance for you. Mars will jazz up your love life quite a bit while Mars remains in Taurus, lighting your fifth house of love until April 21, a place Mars first took up last month in early March.

When Mars leaves, an even more powerful event will follow, the new moon in Taurus on April 26, to set a magnificent romantic tone for weeks, and possibly months to come. If you are single, this is the moment you’ve long awaited, for you might meet someone intriguing that you’ll want to know better. By this time, Venus will be technically moving direct, so you are mostly in the clear.

Attached? You’ll have more time to spend with your partner, and enjoy every moment. Certainly, that new moon will be a peach, summoning support from inspirational Neptune and stabilizing Saturn. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet, so the fact that Saturn is acting in a supportive way is significant – a signal that you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits that will spring from this new moon. If you hope to conceive a baby, your chances are looking up.

There is strong indication that you will be able to take a short, possibly weekend trip to a location near water or snow. Off you go! April’s end will be your time to kick up your heels and have fun.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Capricorn is Most Known For

- being workaholics
- having a good yet dry sense of humor
- being more mature than most
- realistic
- wanting authority
- their determination
- keeping their emotions in check

Why Everyone Wants to Be Capricorn

May people look up to Capricorn as the perfect role model. Stamina, determination, sophistication.. they have the tools and know-how to be the best. Caps know what tit takes to get to the top, because they're already there!
Capricorn Popular Phrases:
  • "I wasn't joking!"
  • "I'll be okay."
  • "I'm fine."
  • "Do I need to explain?"
  • "Let me figure it out."
  • "My bed is calling."

If Capricorn Was a Drug:

If Capricorn was a drug, they would be RITALIN. It can either help you focus or make you hyper depending on the person, and Capricorn's capricious personality can do just the same. They can get so fired-up about something that they somehow seem a bit off the wall, and then they can get so focused on an idea or plan that they end up burning the midnight oil.

Did You Know: Capricorn

CAPRICORN responds better and opens up more when they see your sensitive and caring side. They don't do well with aggression.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

You Know You're Capricorn When...

#1. You’re responsible and reliable.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#2. You’re ambitious and a hard worker.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#3. You love money.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#4. You hate spending your hard earned money.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#5. You’re skilled in the art of sarcasm.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#6. You overthink quite literally everything.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#7. If you are mad, your words and insults cut deeper than you realize.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#8. You always win verbal fights.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#9. You have high standards.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#10. You have a cold front, but are actually very sensitive.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#11. It takes a lot for you to break down and show emotion.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#12. You are mature beyond your years.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#13. You're a kind person but you can turn hostile if crossed or mistreated.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#14. If you don’t like something or a person, everybody in the room can tell.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#15. You prefer having a few very close friends to lots of less close friends.

You Know You're Capricorn When

#16. You have an impeccable ability to see through fake people.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#17. You don’t subject yourself to spending time with people who you don’t like.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#18. You have traditional morals.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#19. You’re extremely independent.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#20. Nothing makes you quite as happy as succeeding.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#21. You’re competitive.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#22. You over analyze everything.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#23. Your sense of humor can be quite dry and others may not always get it.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#24. You like to make plans and set goals - which usually means getting to the top.

You Know You're Capricorn If

#25. Nothing makes you happier than achieving your goals

You Know You're Capricorn If

#26. You can be conceited, and rightfully so. After all, you do have the best astrological sign.

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